Executive functioning disorder in adults

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The brain is a complex organ in the human body, contributing to many different aspects of our mental and physical makeup. One example is executive function disorder, which impacts a number of people and makes it difficult for them to work toward goals and achieve success. At NeuroHealth Arlington Heights, you can be tested for executive function disorder as well as determine the next steps if you do struggle with this disorder. Get Treatment Today. Image via Flickr by woodleywonderworks. Executive function skills enable people to focus their attention, manage multiple tasks, plan, and remember instructions.

[Self-Test] Could You Have an Executive Function Deficit?

7 Signs of Executive Function Disorder in Adults - Great Speech

Background: Hoarding disorder HD is a chronic and debilitating psychiatric condition. Midlife HD patients have been found to have neurocognitive impairment, particularly in areas of executive functioning, but the extent to which this is due to comorbid psychiatric disorders has not been clear. Results: Older adults with HD showed significant differences from healthy older controls in multiple aspects of executive functioning. Compared with healthy controls, older adults with HD committed significantly more total, non-perseverative errors and conceptual level responses on the Wisconsin Card Sort Task and had significantly worse performance on the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-IV digit span and letter-number sequencing tests. Hoarding symptom severity was strongly correlated with executive dysfunction in the HD group. Conclusions: Compared with demographically-matched controls, older adults with HD have dysfunction in several domains of executive functioning including mental control, working memory, inhibition, and set shifting.

ADHD and Executive Functioning in Adults

Because differences are our greatest strength. In many ways, ADHD and executive functioning issues go hand in hand. ADHD is an official diagnosis. Executive functioning issues is not.
Imagine you're the executive in charge of a project team. Your job is to think about the overall goals of the project and the objectives required to achieve the goals. Then, you'll have to work with your team to put together a timeline and put your plans into action.

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