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Jason is about 6'3" and black as the night. He likes to wear gym clothes to class like almost every day so he walks into the lecture hall all the time in a tightish workout shirt and sweatpants. I can practically count his abs under his shirt and his arms are thick and strong—like he could lift a car or some shit, I have no idea. Especially on days when he wears grey sweatpants, I can definitely see the outline of his cock hanging down his pantleg. At least.

She Is Woman

Oh That Woman!, ask anything

It seems like just yesterday. I wonder what adventure he has in store for his 28th birthday? I heard Jane Pauley talk the other night that in Chapter 2 of our lives we should do what we love. She is just a few years older than me. She was always an inspiration, as that fresh midwestern kappa. I love photography.

I'm obsessed with middle-aged ships

I do it exceptionally well. I do it so it feels like hell. I do it so it feels real.
Reads up on one of those parenting websites on the daily. Jesse- Wine mom at all the block parties. Always ends up drunk before the burgers are off the grill.

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  1. Welshboy69
    Welshboy69 18.01.2021

    fucking gorgeous baby

  2. CashTeufel
    CashTeufel 20.01.2021

    I would love to have been there with, so I could lick that all up. Taste good I bet.

  3. kyharley 21.01.2021

    I hope I can be fucked like this.

  4. V-Slut 21.01.2021

    Mmmmm very sexxxy !

  5. N8SAB3R 22.01.2021

    Oh please!

  6. MOHEAD69
    MOHEAD69 25.01.2021

    so sexy baby in your body suit

  7. sexapeal 26.01.2021

    I'm hard !

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